Indian Barcode Corporation Authorized Suppliers& Service Partner for ARGOX

Indian Barcode Corporation Authorized Suppliers& Service Partner for ARGOX

Indian barcode Corporation a proprietorship since 1997 now establishes a nationwide network to supply the Barcode Products for the custom products and many other portfolios. We Indian Barcode Corporation  are the authorized Distribution Partner with ARGOX to distribute the ARGOX printers, Scanners and other consumables across India. We Indian Barcode Corporation focus on adding value to your business with the quality of the material and our service. We take vanity in the variety of our products and our ability to deliver with the speed, dependability, flexibility and responsibility so often demanded in today’s business environment.

Indian Barcode Corporation deals in all the Products of the ARGOX and the consumables and provides the service for the ARGOX as an authorized service partner. Our main focus is on the ARGOX Barcode Printers to satisfy the needs of the end users of the Retail, Shopping malls, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Packaging Industries and many more.

ARGOX Barcode printers are basically of two type’s i.e. Desktop Label printer and the Industrial Label Printer. Desktop Label printers are used for the small scale and the Industrial printers are used in the heavy scale industries. Both types of the printers are further divided into direct thermal and the Thermal transfer Printer. In case of the direct thermal printer the head directly gives the impression on the paper roll and in this way the paper is printed. But in case of the Thermal Transfer Label printer a Ribbon is there which gets melted by the head when comes in contact with the head and the text gets printed on the paper roll.

We have our service center to provide the offsite service for the ARGOX Barcode printers and each and every consumable of the ARGOX Labels printers are always there in our stock. The Print Head for ARGOX Label Printer, ARGOX ribbons, Direct Thermal Labels for ARGOX printers, Thermal Transfer labels for the ARGOX printers can be purchased from us any time. You can also buy the ARGOX Printers and consumables online from our online portal We are also the manufacture of the Labels for the ARGOX printers and a large number of the standard size labels are always there in our stock and special size labels can be manufactured on the orders instantly.

Types of the ARGOX Printers:

Argox CP3140 label printer,

Argox CP 2140 label printer,

Argox OS2140D Label Printer,

Argox CP2140 Head,

and Argox OS 214Plus Head

If you have any query or seek any assistance regarding barcode Label Printers in India you can directly call us or visit our website


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S-4, Plot No-7, Pocket-7, Pankaj Plaza,

Near Metro Station, Sector-12,

Dwarka, New Delhi-110078(India).

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