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Taffeta Ribbons:

Taffeta ribbon is perfect for its versatility!  If you are getting ready for festival, try some of our wired ribbon for decorating.  With so many colors to choose from, you can gift wrap for any occasion:  Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings & more.

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Iridescent Taffeta Ribbon:

Description:  This wired iridescent taffeta ribbon is ideal for holiday decor and bows for packages and gift baskets. Available in over 30 color styles with metallic edging available on some selections, this ribbon provides the ultimate in design flexibility.

Wired to hold its shape, its ideal for use on holiday garland and for decorating special events such as weddings, anniversary parties, school dances and family parties. Each spool is 10 yards long. This ribbon is available in widths of 1-1/2, 2-1/2, 3-1/2 and 6 inch widths.

The bow possibilities range from the simple and straightforward to the complex and intricate. Of course, you can also craft gorgeous taffeta flowers to decorate gifts.

Our wired taffeta ribbon is truly a workhorse in the craft studio. We offer volume discounts and can add metallic edging to any color of ribbon so long as you order a run of at least 10 spools. Combine it with our wired satin and metallic ribbons for decor that is truly out of this world.


2Inch Taffeta Iridescent Wired Ribbon:

This 2 inch wide by 12 yard roll of iridescent wired edge ribbon will add elegance to your projects.  Perfect for weddings and baby showers.   The wired edges help bows retain their shape making it ideal for wreaths, packages and gift baskets.    This ribbon is also available in a 3 and 5 inch width


2.5 Inch Taffeta Iridescent Ribbon:

This wide 2 1/2 inch by 30 yard roll of ribbon is a metallic silver and gold.  Tie elegant bows on large packages, wedding projects and gift baskets.  Sew on clothing or use on home decor items.   A perfect addition to Christmas projects of all kinds.    Also available in a 5/8 and 1.5 inch width.

Iridescent / Two Tone: Looking for just the right color combination?  Try our iridescent & two tone ribbons.  Create an elegant look to your gift wrap or floral arrangement.  Available in sheer, taffeta & more!  There’s something for any occasion:  Christmas, Easter, bridal or baby showers, & more



1.5 Inch Solid / Wired Ribbon:  This 1 ½ inch wide by 30 yard roll of solid wired ribbon is ideal for tying beautiful bows on wrapped packages, floral arrangements and bouquets.   The wired edges help bows hold their shape.   Available in a large variety of colors.   Some colors available in a 2 ½ inch width.

This is a wired ribbon and is great for making bows with or for anything where you need it to hold its shape.


Length: 30 Yard               Fiber Content: 100% Polyester              Series SKU: 364-15


This 1.5 inch by 20 yard ribbon is iridescent moiré. It has a satin band edge that is wired, which allows you to bend and shape your creations and decorate with ease. It would be perfect for gift wrap, card making, sewing, scrapbooking, hair bows and home decor. This ribbon would also be ideal for floral arrangements, weddings, spring, summer, fall and Christmas projects.

Vintage 3 Inch Swiss and French Picot Taffeta Ribbon:

Vintage French and Swiss ribbon has tiny picots at both selvages and measures 3 inches in width. Lovely ribbon is made from rayon fibers which lends a softer hand. Ribbon is available in the seven color choices as shown. The Faded Lavender has desirable light faded patina throughout the yardage. Ribbon is in excellent unused condition. Price is per yard.

Nylon Taffeta:  Our premium collection of nylon taffeta ribbons is manufactured using a plain garment, which is weaved across the warp and weft. Specially designed for our most demanding clients, these ribbons are highly durable and can be availed at most competitive prices.

Nylon Taffeta Metallic Ribbon, 1/8-inch, 100-yard:

Woven Taffeta Metallic Ribbon comes in a variety of festive colors. It is perfect for adding sparkle to wrapped packages, floral arrangements, gift baskets and bags. Unlike other glitter ribbons, this glitter is bonded into the fabric so you won’t have to worry about the glitter coming off the ribbon every time it moves.
A perfect addition to your gift wrapping projects on Christmas.
Width: 1/8 inches
Length: 100 yards long.


IVORY Taffeta Ribbon 5YDS x 1-1/2″ Wire Wired Edge:

Very nice ribbon at a great price. Perfect for finishing gifts, adding to sewing projects or simply using for home decor accenting!

This sale is for 5 YDS of ribbon (measured, cut and packaged in a bag).
Size: 5 YDS x 1 1/2″ Wide (equals 15 feet total)
Style: Wired Edge
Color: Ivory

Crushed Taffeta Ribbon Ivory 70 60mm:

This is a superb ribbon suitable for loads of different uses. Particularly good for bridal as it has a light sheen. Fantastic range of colors.

Bridal Silk Taffeta Ribbon:

A tightly-woven, horizontal ribbed silk ribbon with a similar texture and feel to our Silk Moiré ribbon, but without the moiré or “watered” pattern. Soft, crisp and lustrous, creases and tailors well.  Sold by the yard, so price is per yard.

Blue French Taffeta millinery ribbon, 4 inch wide :

Blue French Taffeta millinery ribbon, 4 inch wide – price per metre, wide ribbon, and luxury ribbon.
Blue French ribbon made during the early twentieth century.  In good vintage condition.

Price per metre. I believe this to be taffeta.
Width 4 inch /10.4 cm.

Vintage Taffeta Ribbon // Extra Wide Victorian Trim // Maroon or Grey Moiré Black Edging // 1 meter length


Vintage Green Acetate Rayon Ribbon 4″ Inch 11cm Wide :

This listing is for 1 yard of this extra wide ribbon. It is in good condition. New old stock. Unfortunately I have to guess as to the fabric content of this ribbon, guessing acetate.

I bought this at the same estate sale I got all my antique silk ribbons, metallic ribbon and metal threads. All her trims were from early century to mid century.


1 yards = 0.91 meters 2 yards = 1.83 meters 3 yards = 2.74 meters
4 yards = 3.66 meters 5 yards = 4.57 meters 6 yards = 5.49 meters
7 yards = 6.4 meters 8 yards = 7.32 meters 9 yards = 8.23 meters
10 yards = 9.14 meters


Printed Taffeta Ribbons:

Printed Taffeta Ribbons have become an important part of corporate life as these are widely used in corporate gifts and events. Now a days, these ribbons are also used in wedding gifts, product packaging, personalized gifts, and for varied other purposes. These ribbons make the gifts or package looks appealing, and these also carry printed information about the company or brand


Printed Satin Ribbons:

We are widely renowned as the manufacturer of high quality Satin Labels. These labels are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, Designed using plain garment, which is weaved across the warp and weft, our custom labels are durable and can be availed at the most competitive prices. We also facilitate customized packaging of our Satin Labels as per the specifications of the clients.
* Soft texture.
* Fine detailing.

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